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June 12, 2019

With Fathers Day around the corner, tell your Dad you love him with a gift that will help him live a healthy, happy, and HYDRATED life. 

Five AQ tips for Dad 

1. One size does NOT fit all, nor should it!
Men are prone to rougher skin. Studies show that proper hydration and electrolyte balance leads to increased blood flow resulting in smoother skin. AQ HYDRATE electrolytes have Dads covered. 

2. When is comes to muscle recovery Collagen is key PLUS it helps prevent the thinning of hair.
The Marine Collagen Peptides in REJUVENATE protein enhance muscle recovery when taken within an hour post-work out. Collagen has also been shown to help prevent hair loss in men. Collagen is important for Dads too!

3. Ease the pain.
It is clinically proven that men have a higher sensitivity to pain, made worse by dehydration. Medications, alcohol, caffeine and
stress can lead to lower hydration levels. HYDRATE Electrolyte truly eases the pain, and tastes amazing. Dads love this sugar-free, carb-free formula. 

4. Hydration pre-workout aids in healthy testosterone levels for men
German studies have shown proper hydration pre-workout aids in healthy testosterone levels for men. As men age, testosterone naturally declines, leading to a loss of muscle mass and even energy. Get to the root of the matter with AQ's HYDRATE Electrolyte.

5. Always protect his heart. 
REJUVENATE Collagen Protein promotes cardiovascular health thanks to a high content of the amino acid proline. Proline helps deture fat accumulation in arteries, aids in tissue repair and supports within the joints. It has even been shown to support healthy blood pressure. REJUVENATE not only supports heart health but keeps taste-buds happy with its great light-vanilla flavor.

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