Health and beauty are inseparable. 

Aging is natural and inevitable, and we believe it’s possible to look and feel fantastic at any age with the right health and beauty routine.

Beauty is an inside job. 

The aging process occurs at a deep cellular level, and the ingestible AQ system is formulated to treat the root cause. The result is a healthier, vital and more glowing you.


The AQ system was formulated by a leading Naturopathic Doctor whose 20+ years of clinical experience informed the creation of each product for proven results. Originally formulated for her personal practice, they target common health issues such as dehydration, poor digestion, weak immune system, and lack of energy.  Patients saw results in their overall health and wellness, with the added bonus of stronger and thicker hair and nails, and noticeably glowing skin. With that, the AQ health and beauty system was born.

AQ products are ethically sourced, GMO free, sugar free, carbohydrate free, dye free and anti-biotic free. All ingredients have been third-party tested for contaminants and purity.

All products our FDA/Health Canada approved.