Age Quencher® was born from a mission to create efficacious formulations made with the highest quality ingredients. Aging is inevitable, how well you age is not. You won’t see us using the term “anti-aging”, because it is misleading and scientifically unsupportable. AGE QUENCHER® products were formulated on the knowledge that wellness and beauty not only go hand-in-hand—they are inseparable.


AGE QUENCHER® addresses the effects of aging that go beyond skin deep and is not a typical aesthetic "anti-aging line" of vitamins. We are not just about hair, skin and nails (although this beauty bonus is fantastic!). Age Quencher® formulas aim to protect and preserve by promoting immune, digestive and brain health resulting in increased energy and vitality.

Hero ingredients such as marine collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, amino acids, electrolytes and essential vitamins work at the deep cellular level to help combat free radical damage. AQ formulas promote cellular regeneration and hydration to nourish and strengthen from the inside out.

AGE QUENCHER® formulas are certified Natural Health Products (NHP) by Health Canada, are third party tested for purity and strength and are manufactured in accordance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) for nutritional supplements using only premium, naturally sourced ingredients.

Learn more about our active ingredients here.


The results are in! After 30 days a group of AQ users had this to say:
100%: said Age Quencher® was easy to incorporate into their daily routine
77%: reported more energy
76%: noted increased moisture in their skin
67%: noted positive changes in skin or energy in as little as one week.
69%: reported glowing skin
95%: would recommend Age Quencher® to others