The story of AGE QUENCHER®

We didn’t set out to create a beauty line. Instead, AGE QUENCHER® sparked by a leading Canadian Naturopathic Doctor, when she received a simple plea from one of her patients, a young woman whose cancer treatment had led to early menopause. “How can I maintain my energy and vitality as I undergo these physical changes?”

That question started a mission to create trusted products backed by science. The formulations created helped not only that woman but also many others. People reported that they not only feel better, but that their skin became more youthful and radiant and there were visible improvements in their hair and nails. The Age Quencher product became available at small clinics in Toronto. 

The transition from vitamin to the AGE QUENCHER® Beauty System came courtesy of prominent Canadian businesswoman Belinda Stronach. Belinda has always made her personal health and wellness and investing in it a priority. Recognizing the changes she experienced while on the program – an increase in her energy and the bonus of a noticeable glow – Belinda knew this was something to be shared. Inspired by the products authenticity, formulations and quality, Belinda leveraged her business know-how, and that of marketing executive Beverley Hammond, to bring the Age Quencher Beauty System to other women across North America.

In 2015, what was an accident became an intention, and the AGE QUENCHER® Beauty System was born.

In 2017, to support the demand for these innovative products, AGE QUENCHER® was joined by a new partner Colin Sutherland who took over Belinda Stronach's interest in the company to leverage his expertise to expand the AGE QUENCHER® line across North America and beyond. 


The Team Behind AGE QUENCHER®

Beverley Hammond

Well-known in Canadian marketing and media circles, Beverley Hammond is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Toronto-based marketing communications agencyREPUBLIC.

Her 28-year career has spanned the worlds of politics, advertising and PR where she held senior positions for high profile cabinet ministers, managed election campaigns at all levels of government and worked with some of North America’s most loved brands.

She says that about five years ago she woke up feeling like decades of trying to “be all things to all people” had caught up to her at once. It was a wake-up call.  Stillat 50, running a busy agency and travelling most of the time, she finds it difficult do all of the things she knows she should to take care of herself as she ages.  

So when she was first approached by a client about bringing a line of all-natural, anti-aging products to market, she was intrigued but admittedly skeptical.  She then met with the product formulator a well known Canadian  Naturopathic Doctor.  She started investigating the science of ingestible skin care, and more importantly began using the formulations herself.  Having experienced first-hand an increase in energy along with noticeable improvements in her skin, hair and nails, she’s not just a convert, she’s now a partner in AGE QUENCHER Solutions.

Beverley lives between Bracebridge and Toronto, Ontario and Scottsdale, Arizona with her retired husband.  


Dr.Holly Fennell, Naturopathic Doctor

Scientific Advisor

Dr.Holly Fennell is a leading Canadian Naturopathic Doctor who brings over a decade of clinical practice and research to Age Quencher™. Her passion is working with her patients to help them achieve optimal health. Dr.Fennell, ND has a special interest in the biology of aging, Chronic Disease and Oncology. She is pleased to have been appointed as the Scientific Advisor at Age Quencher Solutions™.

She is a graduate of the University of Toronto and The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr.Fennell, ND is the clinical director at InsideOut Health Solutions, a multidisciplinary clinic in Toronto. Other appointments include being the scientific advisor at Reborn™ Nutrasurgicals a Pre and Post operative Nutraceutical company.

Dr.Fennell, ND has advanced training in Environmental Medicine, Parenteral IV Therapy, Homotoxicology and Functional Medicine.  She has worked as a clinical supervisor at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and travelled with the Toronto Argonauts Football Club. She has appeared on CBC's The Steven and Chris Show and has been a guest blogger for CBC life. She has  been featured in several magazines including Summer Style, Best Health, The Globe and Mail, The Kit   and Hello Magazine. 

Dr.Fennell, ND resides in Toronto with her husband and two young children.