What we believe.

No one understands aging better than those who have experienced it. Both our own experience and science tells us that the aging process is natural and inevitable, but it is still possible to look and feel better—at any age. Genetics play a role, but  so does what we put into and on our bodies.

The truth is, aging doesn’t occur where we see it – it occurs where we don’t, at a deep cellular level. Yet most beauty regimens focus only on topical products, which don’t address aging at its source. 

Let’s keep it honest.

Many of these quick-fix products end up discarded and forgotten in our “drawer of shame”, expensive reminders of expectations failed, and promises broken.

We’ve all been there. And we believe it’s time to change all that. It’s time for a more honest and clean approach to age-management. 

AGE QUENCHER™ was developed by women, for women, combining the power of both science and nature, for a system that targets aging, from the inside out.

Age happens.

It happens to all of us. We age. The first little lines appear and suddenly our dewy glow is not as dewy as it once was. Inside we may feel like we are still 25 but the mirror tells us something different. Even our energy is not what it used to be. Over time we learn that topical products alone can’t contain the effects of aging. True change has to come from within.

Naturopathic Doctor-formulated AGE QUENCHER™, is an ingestible age intervention system that combines the power of science and nature, for results that go beyond skin deep.

Aging is inevitable. How well we age is not.

AGE QUENCHER™ is not like any other beauty system you have tried. You won’t see us using terms like “anti-aging”, because they’re misleading and scientifically unsupportable. AGE QUENCHER™ is based on medical certainty. The proven knowledge that wellness and beauty not only go hand-in-hand—they are inseparable.

All-natural AGE QUENCHER™ supports aging from the inside out, to address aging where you see it, in your skin, hair and nails, and where you feel it, with improved digestive health and increased energy and vitality.

AGE QUENCHER™ ingredients are formulated and tested in Canada, using only premium, naturally sourced ingredients.