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Ah, the fountain of youth. Everyone is constantly trying to achieve the appearance of looking younger than they are, but is it actually possible to achieve? We stumbled upon the brand Age Quencher, an energy and wellness product that claims to increase your energy and give you a noticeable glow – helping you both feel and look younger. We sat down with their Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Holly Fennel to get all the facts.

1. How is AGE QUENCHER® different from other vitality/energy products out there?

 AGE QUENCHER® is not like any other vitamins you have tried. You will not hear us using terms like “anti-aging”, because we find that they’re misleading and scientifically unsupportable. Our products are based on the proven knowledge that wellness and beauty not only go hand-in-hand—they are inseparable.

Both our own experience and science tells us that the aging process is natural and inevitable, but it is still possible to look and feel better—at any age. Genetics play a role, but so does what we put into and on our bodies.

At AQ, we know aging doesn’t occur where we see it – it occurs at a deep cellular level. Yet most beauty regimens focus only on topical products, which don’t address aging at its source. 

Many of these quick-fix products end up discarded and forgotten in our “drawer of shame”, expensive reminders of expectations failed, and promises broken. We’ve all been there. We provide a more honest and clean approach to age-management. 

2. What are some of the differences one might start noticing after using your products and how long does it typically take to feel/see results?

AGE QUENCHER® ingestible beauty vitamins work on a deep cellular level to promote change from the inside out, improving the way you look and feel. AQ users report feeling instantly refreshed and energized after drinking our HYDRATE electrolyte. We encourage the use of our and antioxidants capsules for three months as the hair cycle is a three-month cycle.

The BEAUTY BONUS of lustrous hair, glowing skin and manicure worthy nails are the AQ trademark signs that you are practicing self care and taking care of your inner health (digestive, cardiovascular and brain health to name a few). 

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