A Woman Like You.

Toronto born and raised, Jennifer Reid tells us how AQ has impacted her workouts. We  recently had the pleasure of meeting with Jennifer in Nashville where she lives with her husband and four children. We instantly felt empowered by her passion and authenticity. 

"You’ve heard me raving about this for the past few months 🙌🏼 • AGE QUENCHERS Beauty Electrolyte • it has LITERALLY changed how I work out! I no longer feel tired, sluggish or light headed when I do cardio if I drink it before or during exercise 💪🏼 - it’s all natural, no sugar, sweetened with Stevia and tastes like Tang - that’s the first bonus of this drink!

The second bonus is skin care. If there was one thing I wish I knew about skin care when I was younger it would be this... fighting aging skin is NOT just about what you put on top of your face, it is equal parts (maybe more) about what you put in your insides. Dehydration is the fastest way to age, hydration is like mother nature’s version of a filler.

I cannot say enough great things about this product and it quickly made it to the top of my favorites list! I also had a chance to sit down with the formulator and the brains behind this product, Dr. Holly Fennell, Naturopathic Doctor last month and hear all the behind the scenes information of why this works! She has created so many great products for aging and health that I’ll share with you at another time".


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