6 Badass Women Leading Canada's Green Beauty Movement


The future is female and eco-friendly, by Katherine Lalancette.

Age Quencher

Toronto naturopathic doctor Holly Fennell didn’t set out to create a beauty line. “My intention was simply to formulate a vitamin program for a patient of mine in her 30s who had undergone early menopause as a result of her cancer treatments,” she says. Suffering from low energy and noticing accelerated signs of aging, the young woman was desperate to feel like herself again. As she began taking the special blend Fennell prepared, she not only felt stronger, but her skin and hair appeared revitalized, too. “Other people began noticing similar results and that’s how Age Quencher was born,” says Fennell. Today, the brand’s formulations range from vitamins to protein powder, each providing the body with age-fighting nutrients. “My message to women is ‘address aging from the inside out.’ I believe beauty and wellness not only go hand-in-hand but are inseparable.”

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