HYDRAGLOW ELIXIR (Collagen + Electrolyte + Reishi)



A better way to take your Collagen. Our best-selling HYDRATE Electrolyte infused with Reishi Shroom and 10,000mg of Marine Collagen Peptides. 

Helps to: 
• Prevent dehydration, a leading cause of premature aging.
• Decrease hair shedding with a superboost of collagen. 
• Plump & brighten skin tone for a more dewy glow. 
• Minimize fatigue with adaptogenic immune benefits of Reishi.

Carb Free, Sugar Free, Chemical Free

Dosage: 1 scoop daily in 16oz of water. Dissolves best when stirred into water before adding ice. 

FAQ Beauty bonus: Yes! You may continue to take 1 scoop daily of HYDRATE Electrolyte in addition to 1 scoop daily of HYDRAGLOW. Take at separate times of the day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
Allison Secord
Everyone NEEDS this electrolyte!

My entire family uses this holy grail of a product every day, after our morning coffee or before a workout! Increases your energy and definitely gives you an overall healthy glow...When I don't use the electrolyte for a couple of days I really feel a difference in my energy and I just don't have that infamous healthy "glow!" I will have people asking me about what I am using constantly and I tell them its not botox or skincare but it is this incredible product! Big fan of the original flavour but the pina colada is a nice change too :)

Charlotte Woodruff
No More Leg Cramps!

Hello. I have been having a drink of Age Quencher in the morning and evening for some time. I like it. I used to have leg cramps at night which are no longer a problem. Yes, I also take magnesium, but I was taking that before. The Age Quencher is also a benefit. I like the taste too.

The best electrolyte

This is the best electrolyte! I got my husband hooked on it too. The taste is great and I do like that it’s healthy and doesn’t have any bad ingredients! Would highly recommend

Carrie Regnier
Age Quencher… 😋

Love the age quencher. To be honest like the orange best. All in all so good!!

Katie Bardyn
The water that keeps on going

Hydrate is what keeps me going - I love drinking it while I am exercising. Water breaks that provide so much more.