Virginia Richardson

"It's hard to find an electrolyte that doesn't have a bunch of 'junk' in it, it was developed by a Naturopathic Doctor, it's super pure, and it works!" - Virginia, @yourlifeedit 

  Bianca Klotsman

"Staying hydrated inside out is the secret to never aging." - Bianca, @holisticrx

  Stephanie Wilson

"Hydration is the cornerstone of beauty, and this drink mix is amazing at keeping you hydrated." - Stephanie, @senseofaesthetics

 Michelle Leman 

"I LOVE Age Quencher and the results. My skin is hydrated, clear and I feel great. AQ feeds me from the inside out. Its light and has a neutral flavor that allows me to create new tastes every day depending on what I add to it. I don't go a day without the Hydrate Electrolyte." - Michelle, @leman.michelle, www.michelleleman.guru


"I've been having the HYDRATE electrolyte every day with water and I am beyond obsessed with it. I can't have water by itself anymore. Not only is the taste addictive but it really does work. It's also helped with digestion immensely!" - Connie, Ontario

"I generally have a very good diet. I recently added the electrolytes and protein powder for facial care. I was told multiple times this month how good my skin looked!" - Ainsley, Ontario

"It's the future of beauty!" - Lisa, Ontario

"I think this has made a difference in the moisture in my skin and my hair. I was out with some women the other evening and they asked me why my skin was glowing!" - Louise, Arizona

"Use it! It is a natural approach for any age in combating the signs of aging. Not only do you look better but you feel better too." - Nettie, Ontario

"The Rejuvenate smoothie in the morning has become my "look forward to" breakfast and the Hydrate is my refreshing twice a day treat." - Susan, Pennsylvania

"Great inside out program." - Bonnie, California 

"Anything with your beauty and health comes from more than one thing. Inner and outer which this product focusses on." - Victoria, Ontario

"I have already told so many of my friends! I believe in beauty from the inside out. And know there's truth in fact that we are what we eat. There's a wealth of health and goodness in these products." - Debra, Ontario