• Over 25? You are using more Collagen than your body can produce naturally but don't worry AQ Collagen does the job.
  • Helps to slow the aging of your skin by giving it structure that helps prevent sagging and looseness
  • Taking 2.0 grams of collagen for 8 weeks has shown a significant increase in skin elasticity and appearance
  • Marine Collagen Peptides are highly bioavailable
  • AQ Marine Collagen is third party tested for heavy metals and contaminants


  • The most common antioxidant found in the skin, it increases collagen production
  • Helps skin achieve a firmer more youthful appearance and glow
  • You will "see" the difference, as studies suggest it can delay the formation of age-related cataracts and macular degeneration
  • A mega-antioxidant, it strengthens your body’s natural defences and immune health


    • Support your gut health to help treat dry skin, acne, rosacea and eczema
    • Support your gut microbiome, where 60 to 80 percent of our immune system lives
    • May help boost your immune system and may protect you against infections
    • Target acne, dryness, and redness to promotes a clear, even skin tone


      • A Prebiotic that helps improve bowel function and general health
      • Provides fuel for your gut to help regulate bowel movements and to relieve constipation
      • Several studies indicate that inulin can help with weight loss
      • Carbohydrate free and adds a sweet, light flavour to our formula


        • Lactose /Hormone/ Antibiotic Free/ Grass Fed New Zealand Whey
        • Carbohydrate / Sugar/ Gluten Free with no artificial flavours or colours
        • The most soluble and richest form of protein
        • Strengthens and rejuvenates the skin by increasing the amount of collagen
        • Repairs and supports your muscles and immune system post workout, and prevents muscle breakdown that is caused by intense activity
        • Deters the signs of aging with glutathione, an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals
        • Low in carbohydrates, high in protein, it speeds up metabolism to helps burn excess body fat


          • This beautifying mineral is the key ingredient in collagen
          • Restores the natural glow of your skin and promotes increased skin elasticity
          • Encourage thick, healthy, lustrous, shiny hair
          • Research has shown it helps to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
          • Infuses and strengthens your nail beds with nutrients