Your Best Hair Yet

AQ products taken today have a direct impact on the quality of your hair tomorrow.

is a protein molecule made up of smaller building blocks called amino acids. These are the bonds that are responsible for your hair’s elasticity and strength. This is what allows your hair to bend but not break, keratin is important. 

Silica is another important nutrient for your hair that provides strength to your hair follicules. Did you know that B vitamins are essential for regulating the growth of your hair? Minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, calcium and the amino acids cysteine and tyrosine are essential elements of melanin (the coloration pigment of the hair).

It is vital to get these compounds and nutrients from your diet, your hair health depends on it. For an extra bonus. AQ AGELESS Antioxidants are filled with ingredients to give you your best hair yet.

2 capsules a day make healthy hair SO easy.




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