Staying HYDRATED has never been so easy!

Don't forget to pack your AQ HYDRATE Electrolyte this weekend! 

Hi Beauties, long weekends are meant for family, friends and fun. DYK, high sugar drinks and alcoholic beverages can lead to dehydration causing low energy, decreased concentration and rapidly aging skin? Age Quencher HYDRATE makes it easy to stay hydrated! Try this easy and delicious recipe to give you an extra glow this long weekend. 

RECIPE (1 serving)


• 1 Scoop AQ Hydrate Beauty Electrolyte

• 4 slices of lime, 1 Handful fresh mint

• Bubbly Water

• Ice Cubes 


• Muddle mint and lime in a tall glass. 

• Stir together

• Add 1 scoop AQ Beauty Electrolyte

• Fill glass with soda water

• Stir and enjoy!

FANTASTIC QUENCHING COCKTAILS: Thanks to our friends at for the inspiration!



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