Goodbye Grey Days

The end of season is drawing near, but some of us may still be experiencing a natural hibernation. Are winter conditions hampering you? You may be inclined to stay indoors, be less active, or maybe you are less motivated to exercise.

The wind and bitter cold physically effect your body; drying out your skin, striping hair of its natural oils and damaging nail beds and cuticles. For many of us the lack of sunlight can leave us feeling depleted. In fact, winter can wreak havoc on your body more than the summer sun taking a toll on you not only mentally but physically. At AQ we are about taking care of your brain and body in tandem.

 Who doesn’t love a warm frothy treat on a cold winter day…but DYK these deliciously tempting (high calorie!!) boutique beverages leave you lethargic, dehydrated and depleted of energy? Laden with caffeine, sugar and artificial flavors these day warming delights are major contributors to oxidative damage (AKA accelerated aging) and dehydration.

 For every caffeinated drink you consume, try to double the amount of water to compensate. DYK, just a 2% drop in body water can lead to a small but critical shrinkage of the brain. Understandably, keeping hydrated and drinking water throughout the colder months is difficult.  

HYDRATE™ Electrolyte is yourwinter super saver. One scoop is all you need to help restore that 2% drop in body water. HYDRATE™ is a jolt of vitality with nutrients distinctly formulated by a renowned Canadian Naturopathic Doctor to promote increased levels of energy (without the use of stimulants like caffeine) while supplying the body with essential electrolytes.  

 Simple and versatile, HYDRATE replenishes your cells, is free of caffeine, artificial flavorings and chemicals. Taking care of your body and mind has never been so easy.
HYDRATE™ Beauty Electrolyte is also available in 3 convenient sizes, single serve, 24 oz and 50 oz serving.


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