AGE QUENCHER x LEMON LAINE : Beautiful things happen when great minds come together!

On Wednesday night, the AQ team visited Lemon Laine in Nashville to give a group of incredible women the low down on Ingestible Beauty.

What an inspiring evening collaborating and sharing with such a wonderful community of women. Lemon Laine is so much more than a store, we left feeling it was a place of education and inspiration.

Q&A with Dr.Holly Fennell, Naturopathic Doctor

1.     What type of collagen should I take?

Marine collagen sourced from fish is thought to be the most bioavailable and absorbable form of collagen. This is what is found in AQ's REJUVENATE Collagen Protein. It is a Type 1 Collagen which helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles while improving the skin’s elasticity and increasing skin hydration. It promotes the production of glycine which can increase your body’s ability to burn fat at rest and build lean muscle. There is strong evidence that Marine Type 1 Collagen can promote thicker hair, decrease hair loss/shedding and strengthen the nail beds. It also supports bone health. 

2.     I want my vitamins to work for me, what should I take?

Look for vitamins and antioxidants that have multiple functions. As an example Pomegranate Seed Extract promotes skin elasticity and collagen production but also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. Grape Seed Extract is very exciting as it has been shown in clinical studies to be beneficial in the prevention of dementia and it also promotes radiant, glowing skin by binding to collagen fibers thus decreasing the breakdown of collagen in your body. Hyaluronic Acid when taken in an antioxidant formula helps to lubricate joints and it helps your skin repair itself from environmental stressors. 

3.     I can’t poo! Help

Are you constipated? If so, you are most likely dehydrated. Increasing your water intake is vital. Try adding an electrolyte drink or sip on nature’s electrolyte miso soup! I always encourage my patients to increase insoluble fiber in their diets. Great ways to do this are through ground flax seeds, psyllium seeds and even chia seeds. 


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